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India's Premier Holistic Healing Centre

Dedicated to bringing change by emotionally empowering each individual.

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How We Got Here

Cesta Holistic Healing Studio was founded in 2013 in Mumbai by Sangeeta Shah in order to spread her knowledge of emotional empowerment which she gained over an extended career of over a decade. With a combination of 1 on 1 therapies and group workshops, we have grown steadily to have now successfully impacted over a thousand lives. With options for simple as well as higher level workshops, we hope to spread this knowledge with millions and make it an assumed curriculum.

Yoga at Home

What We Do



Individual sessions with our trained therapists to resolve a specific issue you are experiencing.



Get international certification to practice various holistic healing techniques. These will ensure that you are truly emotionally empowered!



Specially curated packages with sets of workshops that will definitely change the way you approach life. Our programs are undoubtedly our most recommended offering.

Benaifer Billamoria.jpeg

I can roam free from the bonds of society...knowing that regardless of the unusual rules by which I would like to live my life...  I am loved  by the Creator of All That is, UNCONDITIONALLY! and with the understanding that if this Supreme being chooses to love me so UNCONDITIONALLY, I obviously deserve to be loved. I am worth loving exactly the way I am. 

Benaifer Billamoria


Sangeeta Shah, with her unique style of treatment, helps you to identify the cause and also to overcome the same by way of positive visualization. Her soft style of addressing to the issues related to you is very effective.

Bhagyashree Thipsay (Padma Shri Recipient)

Poonam Nakman.jpg

I am a doctor… A surgeon… And it took these two beautiful people to make me realize that medicine was not just about treating the symptoms, surgeries not about fixing the broken or removing the unwanted. Medicine was about healing…and Healing incorporates all modalities!!!

Dr Poonam Nakman

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