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Workshop and Payment Terms

  1. Prior enrolment is mandatory.

  2. The result of this course may vary amongst the participants; we do not guarantee any particular outcome for this course. While we put in our best efforts to facilitate your learning process, Cesta Holistic Healing Studio and its instructors / therapists are discharged of the responsibility of the results each participant may achieve.

  3. It is mandatory for you to inform the instructor( s ) about any relevant medical conditions prior to the class starting. Kindly note that in case of any medical conditions, it is the individual’s soul responsibility to take care of any precautions etc. they have been asked to follow by the instructor( s ) / their doctor( s ).

  4. Once registered, no cancellation / refund / transfer of registration fees will be accepted unless classes are cancelled under any circumstance by Cesta Holistic Healing Studio.

  5. In case of unavoidable circumstance, Cesta Holistic Healing Studio may hold your registration fees as a deposit & allow you to transfer your membership to later class ( Kindly Note: This is only possible if you have not begun with course. Cesta Holistic Healing Studio solely holds the authority & the right to make these decisions. ) These special permissions are to be obtained in a written & signed format to be considered authorized. Verbal permission will not have the same holding.

  6. Cesta Holistic Healing Studio believes in spreading the message about the benefits of alternative healing, & may use testimonials ( in any format ), content discussed during the course, & any other material for the same. Cesta shall record the holding of workshops via audio and video means. Cesta shall also use such audio and video recordings for its promotional activities on social media or any other platform such as You tube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  7. No participants are allowed to take audio & / or video recordings of the course in parts or full, under whatsoever circumstances.

  8. I take responsibility for books & valuables & will not Cesta Holistic Healing Studio & / or its staff responsible for any loss or misplacemeny of the same.

  9. Right of Admission Reserved.

  10. Cesta Holistic Healing Studio hereby reserves all its right to the information, material, analysis, compilations, videos, experiments / demos, stories of the participants shared during this course & any such information which may be construed as & fall within the definition of being a copyright / intellectual property. All the information & material shared during this course is confidential in nature. The participants hereby covenants, agrees & undertakes to strictly adhere to & keep confidential all that is shared in this course.

  11. This Agreements shall be binding on the participants & all matters arising out of or in connection with this Agreement ( whether in contract, tort or otherwise ) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India & jurisdiction will be the courts of Mumbai only.

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