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Our Programs are Specially Curated to Ensure a Wholesome Education

The foundation, graduate and masters programs have been designed to ensure no student ever feels a lack of emotional balance and empowerment. We truly believe packages are a better approach than individual workshops, and provide several perks and discounts with them in the hope that you too can experience holistic healing as a whole!

Graduate and Masters Programs: Classes

Foundation Program

The Foundation Program is designed to be an introduction to holistic healing. Through three Theta Healing courses and a Balanced Emotional Empowerment course, students will gain the knowledge of the techniques and how they work cohesively. Contact Us to learn more.


Graduate Program

The graduate program is our most recommended program. It provides students with the basic knowledge of all the techniques taught at Cesta. However, where the Graduate Program differentiates itself is in the inclusion of specialised, higher level classes which have beem chosen to allow the student to confidently tackle any problem of their own that they might face. If the foundation program is the equivalent of completing primary school, the graduate program is the completion of high school which allows you to go into the world with experience and confidence in your tools.

Masters Program

The Masters Program is designed to provide you with a whole new career! Over two years, Cesta will ensure you gain total mastery over Theta Healing, Balanced Emotional Empowerment, Applied Hypnosis and Past Life Regression. The package includes 84 full days of teaching, several months of practice rounds and special perks to ensure you can embark on this new career with ease. Furthermore, as a show of confidence in our Masters, Cesta provides the guaranteed option to all its Masters students to conduct sessions with Cesta clients, hence ensuring they can implement their new learnings professionally and empower as many people as possible!

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