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Power Class

A signature Cesta workshop, the Power Class is a perfect example of how effective effective combining multiple healing modalities can be. It follows a truly holistic approach by combining three different modalities - Applied Hypnosis, Inner Child Therapy and Past Life Regression, and teaching students how they work collaboratively to create the best results.

Applied hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state we feel on a daily basis - when we read a book, watch a movie, write, cook or do any other focused activity. The feeling of being zoned in and focusing on one thing is hypnosis. It is an extremely powerful state of mind, which we can control to bring about tremendous changes in our lives!

Past Life Regression

The root of all healing modalities is the connection between the mind and the soul. The soul exists to keep learning, while the mind is our guiding power to fulfil the learning. We have been in the physical plane many times before in many different bodies, many different cultures and in both genders. There are still some unlearnt lessons that the soul wants to complete, which is the reason for our current existence. Through PLR we can understand, the root cause of recurring patterns across our lifetimes – be it in money, relationships, fears, health, etc.  PLR enables to learn from these patterns and complete the lessons. This in turn enables us to live a better current life. 

Inner Child Therapy

As children, all of us have had some unpleasant or traumatic memories. Though consciously we may feel like we have dealt with them, they have formed patterns and behaviours that continue to play out in our adult life. In many instances these patterns hold us back from achieving our true potential. 


Through inner child therapy, you will learn how to address these issues at the time when they began and create new patterns that support your adult life and current goals.  This therapy helps you to deal with any repressed memories and bring back values of childhood that you may have lost e.g. Joy, innocence, compassion, empathy etc.

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