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Corporate Workshops

Emotional wellness and balance greatly affect our performance at work. With her wide range of experience in working with industrialists recover from severe financial distress as well as with the youth facing career development issues, Sangeeta has curated workshops designed for all the different parts of a corporate structure.

We would also be happy to curate a custom workshop just for you! Please contact us with your inquiry.

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Moving from Chaos to Clarity

Designed for senior management and owners, this workshop combines the powers of holistic healing techniques such as applied hypnosis and Balanced Emotional Empowerment with behavioural science. It helps a company's decision makers be able to define change and foresee outcomes, hence providing them with arguably their most desired mental resource - clarity.

Brain Spa

An entirely customizable boot-camp, Brain Spa can range in duration from one day to a year long ongoing service. We combine our expertise in meditation with that of industry experts in psychology, art, physical training and drama to rejuvenate and stimulate the clients. This has been our most successful corporate offering, with reviews consistently mentioning a feeling of freshness and creative inspiration flowing throughout the organizations. 

Hypnotic Meditation

Research published in various recognized sources, such as the US National Library of Medicine, recognize the effectiveness of hypnosis on bettering focus as well as recovering from fatigue. In today's highly digital world where work from home has gotten employees hooked to screens with longer work hours, this is more needed than ever. With a simple hour long weekly guided hypnotic meditation, you can help your staff recover from mental fatigue that would otherwise take a whole night's sleep, while also eliminating limiting beliefs.

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