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Cesta Family

The dedicated team at Cesta are the sole reason behind Cesta's growth. Their commitment, drive and passion are at the forefront of all that they do. Meet some of our team members below.


Sangeeta Shah


The leader, founder and face of Cesta. Sangeeta is a pioneer in the field of holistic healing educational institutes and proxy healing, with the constant goal to spread her knowledge.


Richa Parikh


With an Bachelors in Business Management from the UK and several degrees attained internationally in healing modalities, Richa combines the two worlds for a unique approach to wellness. She leads Cesta's international efforts.

Pooja Parekh.jpeg

Pooja Parekh

Strategic Advisor

Driven by her passion for emotional wellness, Pooja has been the backbone to Cesta's operations and planning.
Architect by profession, her knowledge add wings  for cesta to fly.

Purav Shah


Following his graduation from Babson College with honors, Purav has gained experience in trade and finance. As a third generation businessman, he adds the entrepreneutial mindset at Cesta.

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